10: Ami jachen

I think it means: I am going.

I rode out from Triumph at 10.30 for the highway. After every few minutes, riders joined me and ultimately, by the time we reached KFC, there were 10 bikes. The Speedmaster, launched yesterday, rode alongside. It was a great ride. Disciplined riders on good machines.

KFC was a welcome stop and they told me the last such stop. It was true. But then, dhabas are lovely halts too.

When the bikers bid me adieu just before Kharagpur, I finally left Kolkata and looked at Orissa looming in front. I had a lot of fun in Kolkata and made some lovely friends.

At a dhaba, I sprinkled water on myself to get into air-conditioning mode. It helped. I’m told it’s hotter as I ride to central India. Let’s see.

The road: NH 5 was lovely. As smooth as possible. A light traffic. The culture and language changed as I crossed state borders. Hindi and English are ofcourse good alternatives.

There were less animals on the road.

Bikers from Bhadrak met up and so did those from Bhubaneswar.

I was supposed to halt at Bhadrak and went on to Bhubaneswar.

In my hotel now waiting for my food.


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