11 Kolkata: The Speedmaster

It was an honour to be invited by Mukesh Triumph Kolkata to unveil and present the Triumph Speedmaster. It was a grand event, attended by bikers and potential customers, culminating in a dinner. All at the showroom. I got to answer a lot of questions about my trip and I could see a couple of bikers ready to RTW. Nice!

The day was lazily spent doing what lazy guys like to do. Be lazy. This meant lunch in the hotel, with the owner. The Lytton was another 60 year old property that has improved with time. The day trudged forward trying to get me out on the street. I didn’t budge.

Came evening and I went for tea to Mr. Ladsaria’s office to meet him and his wife. They were the parents of my host Bharat in Calcutta. It was a delightful meeting over black tea with salt, lime and sugar. The drive to his office was lovely. The broad roads gave way to smaller roads and getting into his building compound was the narrowest road that Calcutta has made. This was done negotiating the entire Bengali life-flow of humanity, nature, traffic, and some deep thinking citizens. It was most enjoyable.

The Triumph people had invited me to unveil their latest bike in Calcutta the Speedmaster. Superbike owners, a lot of whom had become friendly with me over the past few days, attended the event. The Triumph people kept my Bonneville next to the Speedmaster as an added attraction. Everyone got clicked next to it. I could never imagine that I would someday be part of such an event.

On the way back to my hotel I had a chicken roll at Park Street and a chocolate ice cream after that. We strolled the streets of Calcutta at night, enjoying the atmosphere. This would be my last night here, as I would be riding to Bhadrak tomorrow.

I have had a lovely time in Kolkata and I really wish to thank everybody that made it possible. I certainly hope to come here again. Till then…


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