17: Siliguri forward

I left at 9ish, with Mr. Dilip Chauhan and his pillion wife on an Enfield. They were on an all India ride. Inspite of having an accident in between the ride sometime ago-they recovered and saddled and resumed. They’re my age. Solid respect!

Riders from Patna: Brotherhood Riders Squad: whizzed past me on the highway and when they slowed down and I caught up they bike-napped me for a cup of tea and talk. This is real bonding. Soon, the village joined them in the small teahouse, when they realised what was happening. To pass on information to the simplest villager, who only understands the excitement and not the facts was an obligation to my country. It made my trip a pilgrimage. I was happy.

So we all split and I trudged on from two lane to four lane and back to two. A long long army convoy shared the two lane. Well, there wasn’t much to share. But all survived. Traffic was simple but the two lane made it disproportionate. Just a situation that one has to appreciate with some humour and compassion.

I stopped at the Malda byepass, to get out of the dull heat.

Just had some fish curry. Off to sleep.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.\
    Lots of love.

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