19: Alipurduar

The South Point School in Guwahati had a press conference in the morning and the westerners were delighted as they were interviewed as well.

The Bikerni Ladies had come on full force to see us off and one led us out of Guwahati as well. Very sweet. I didn’t know, they had 1200 member-riders! Well done.

Mr. Chanda, our host, flagged us off and his club escorted us to Alipurduar.

A bit of rain had cooled the growing heat and as we stopped for fuel, it started raining more and more. It was enjoyable. The speed of travel reduced, but the enjoyable quotient had increased.

Lunch and we gorged on non veg food. Maybe the rain had made us hungry. The road was good till the last bit, which was under development.

The Teesta Thumpers met us outside the city and led us to our hotel. They checked us in, secured our bikes and made sure we didn’t put our hands into our pockets. They were sponsoring our stay. A very kind gesture. Thank you!

Refreshed, we all collected in the restaurant and chatted like old friends. Three of us and ten club riders. They wanted to hear our biking stories. We spent one hour telling them. Dinner time and we all realised how hungry we were.

We ate well. The riders bid us goodnight and we took a last longing look at our bikes and went to sleep.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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