20: Still Guwahati

So we are still here. A rest day at the house of our kind host, Mr. Chanda of South Point School. His wife had set up the three rooms for us. A British breakfast had woken us up and we relished the chicken sausages. After breakfast, I got my bike topped up and the others fussed over their bikes. We got the bikes washed at home, by the gardner. He went to it hammer n tongs. We discovered another bike beneath. It was pathetic.

We washed our luggage systems. It was a much needed exercise.

Lunch beckoned us and we sat down to a simple meal, deliciously cooked.

Post lunch I took Dave and Beverly to the 9 Planet temple. Both were curious as they had never heard of something like this. All the planets are represented here and one could have a different combination of prayers to suit planet management. It was complex. The Brahmaputra silently flowed behind.

Thereafter we went to the musuem, which houses the complete village structure of Assam. Additionally, it had rare artifacts. The entire collection was quite large.

Finishing the Musuem, we walked out and in search of a wine shop, to present our hosts with some spirits. Teacher’s whiskey was good.

A plastic cup of roadside chai helped us a lot. It was a good day. We caught an autorickshaw back to our residence. The house was being decorated into an evening.

The plan was to have wine and chicken and chat with the complete biking club: everyone. It was done. The next day, we were to ride out at about 9 am. Let’s see if that happens! As we came back, the head waiter told us to rest a bit as the night would be long. I ran to my bed and hopped in



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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