22: Gibbon Resort

We left Kohima at 8.30.

A delightful mountain city, that dotted the range with colorful housetops. Bikers from Kohima welcomed us with gifts. Another batch of bikers woke me up at night to chat. I chatted in my towel, since I was too tired to unpack. It was fun.

The road from Kohima to Dimapur was as challenging as life itself. It was 70 km and I would say only 10km must have been a road. To make matters worse whenever I stopped for fuel or tea, I would ask how is the road ahead. They would look at me and shake their head as if waving me bye-bye! But, the road is bad. Traffic wasn’t much and we were descending. My bike and me are not qualified offroaders and I took it painfully slow. Sometimes I had to ride in neutral to relax my hand, since the minimum RPM was more than desired for this activity. I think I got down in 3 hours or so. Well, it’s being done into a four-lane and work was going on full swing. But I felt sad for the people from Moreh to Dimapur. They had bad roads. I pray they use the roads cautiously and the road development completes soon.

Dimapur to Jorhat was better. A few wildlife sanctuaries crossed us. We rode in the elephant corridor. Diganta our host here met us on his bike and escorted us through tea country. It was the most divine ride, with tea estates on the left and right.

He escorted us into his homestay: Gibbon Resort. This was a delightful property, near his house, done up in traditional style.

A welcome shawl was draped across each biker by the members of the family.

Bikes were parked in the garage.

A homemade chicken dinner awaited us.

I’m hungry.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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