23: Kohima

Bobo from the Imphal riders and my friend Bharadwaj Dayala rode with us for two hours and 50km towards Kohima. It was very kind of them to put us into a riding pattern.

Bidding us adieu, they headed back to Imphal and we continued to Kohima. The road was extremely challenging. Total focus was required. A new four lane was being built and we were six months early. But then that’s the adventure. Luckily it was very cool and a bit misty, so the the sun never touched us. There were three bikes and four people. The Africa Twin with David and Beverly, Heather on the Suzuki and myself.

We took it slow. We stopped for Indian tea and everyone relished it. I think Indian tea is an artisan wonder now and enjoyed all over the world. The road would be good a kilometre and bad the next. After some time it really made no difference whether it was good or bad. We just rode on.

In a short while, we entered Nagaland. Not much traffic but still the bad road made the less traffic seem more.

We stopped at the Mau Gate at a fruit shop and piled on, much to the delight of the fruitseller! I tried to connect with my friend from Kohima, who replied he was waiting for me a few kilometres down. We scrambled. Viba Solo of Kohima, an avid rider, alongwith three bikes, met us at the junction. They escorted us into Kohima. This is style. It’s so exciting to be welcomed by so many clubs and friends on my route home.

As I write this from my bed in the hotel, Viba Solo calls me to say, that he has left some mementoes for all of us at the reception.

I’m off to get them and then chill.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

  2. I can see you could not afford a haircut, but tipped people handsomely instead 🙂

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