26: My last night in a foreign country!

To set up a title as above, I have been out of India-my country since June 2017. It’s been easy-difficult, easily difficult, any combination of words and thoughts. No words can describe my travel. My life on the road, meeting people, the food and culture, languages, currency, simcards, it’s all a dizzy run over the globe.

In school, out of sheer boredom I used to spin the globe, in the geography class when no-one was looking. I shall never spin a globe again, for I know it may skid my bike!

My bike: Sunbeam has stickers all over. And there are so many more stickers that could’ve been put. What will I remember the most. As I write this, I get a feeling of being disconnected. Would my bike ride me if she could be human and talk?

I have had a wonderful time in the last few days with the group I’m riding with and we shall part tomorrow. I have learnt a lot from them.

The Asia-Senses travel agency is great for this sector of Asia and has been extremely protective. I shall miss their fussing.

We stopped for lunch on a hot mountain top. Everyone went to a small eatery. I espied a fruit seller selling watermelon and other fruits. A young girl, who not only sold me the fruit, but seeing my condition, washed it and cut it into slices for me. I shared with my group. I shared with the fruitseller and her friend. After this, I had an apple and some grapes. She washed it for me. There was amusement on her face. I looked hungry and spent. In front of her youth, I felt empty.

What would I tell her about where all I have been. Would she believe me? She gazed at me and I saw myself looking at my father. I was young then and there was so much time. Then I was the fruitseller.

She shook my hand to wish me luck. I dedicate my last day to her.

A young fruit seller from Myanmar.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

  2. Pritidevi Kapoor

    Lump in throat , tear in the eye….Salute you and your sweet fruit seller. Love always..

  3. Moha

    Salute you on your grand finale!

  4. Moha

    Salute you on your grand finale! Love and hugs

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