29: Riding to Naypydaw

We entered this beautiful capital city of Myanmar at 7pm. It was dark. Beautiful roads, well lit and wide took us into the city. A row of hotels came upon us. One better than the other. This was Las Vegas in the making.

2500 years ago it is said that Lord Buddha gave a strand of his hair to a monk and the king placed it at a huge rock, which is most precariously balanced on a mountain ledge and somehow doesn’t roll down. This is in Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. They say, the strand of hair stops the rock from rolling down.

We were supposed to do The Golden Rock tour yesterday, but couldn’t. Before leaving, I asked our lady-guide to put some sandalwood paste on my cheeks and forehead like most people in Myanmar do. Everyone copied me and we left at 7 in the morning in public transport that carried us 3000 feet above sea level. The drive was in a truck, specially made to ferry 70 passengers a time. A cable car hovered overhead. The drive was really steep, better than a roller coaster. Finally reaching, we entered the Holy area, the Pagoda and with other pilgrims, made our way to this great testimony of faith. It was breathtaking. We all wondered what’s stopping the huge rock from rolling down. I prayed for balance.

Hurrying back, we packed and rode 400km to the capital of Myanmar: Naypydaw.

On the way a short cut took us through 50km of non road- complete offroading experience. Everyone was delighted with the experience and took pictures on muddy terrain to show at home. It wasn’t easy.

Tea-time by the roadside turned out to be a samosa party. I had found a small eatery and everyone relished it. I wanted green tea and another shop had a kettle on the boil. I asked for some. They didn’t take money, explaining that I didn’t drink much. I left some money under the plate and left. Sweet people.

The off-road ride had taken the time window to the next level and it became dark. So all of us rode in close formation, to avoid getting lost.

Finally we reached our hotel. Tomorrow is an easy departure.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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