30: Golden Rock

We are in Myanmar!

Passing Thailand to Myanmar was extremely well organized by Asian Senses, our travel agent. Additionally, the customs of both countries had an air of complete professionalism.

We were at the counters of Thailand at 7.30am and reached the other side in two hours. That’s 6 people, passport and carnet, etc. It was pretty neat.

We rode over the Friendship Bridge, that’s now the Myanmar side in Myawaddy. We stopped at a Bank for currency and the Myanmar side travel agents of the same company had simcards ready for us as well!

A police escort took us out of Myawaddy after which we rode through on our own.

We rode over a few mountainous roads, lovely curves that kept us awake and thrilled.

Myanmar has just been born. So the roads are still happening. From Myawaddy upto 150 km, the roads were under construction. This meant considerable offroading.

This resulted in a puncture for the Suzuki. The guide was trailing us and found a tyre shop somewhere. The Africa Twin guy was super quick in Bike tech and in a jiffy got his toolkit out and all helped to remove the tyre so it could be taken to the repair shop.

We waited in the shade, under cashew trees, chatting.

A terrific lunch restored our spirits. This was rice and some vegetable salad that was excellent. Freshly cut cucumber adorned as salad.

Soon the road improved and became ship-shape. We roared.

I must say, the people on the roadside are extremely friendly and cultured. They were all wearing a sandalwood paste on their cheeks. Looked nice.

Road movements of vehicles was orderly. There was respect all around. Checkpoints appeared and police asked questions and waved us on with a smile. Bikes didn’t pay at road toll. Nice.

A golden glow appeared on the AH1 as we rode through. We crossed lazy rivers all begging to be painted as masterpieces. Hazy kitchen smoke wafted through and Asia got into our bloodstream.

Our hotel: Eternity Resorts appeared under a mountain road and we checked in. It was a tiring day. Everyone ran to their rooms to rest.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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