31: Mae Sot

We were riding in the golden hour and the evening glow looked stunning. We were riding to the end of Thailand! The last 80 km were in the mountains and absolutely exhilarating. We soon reached Mae Sot.


We left at 8.30 in the morning from Ayutthaya. A nice warm day. We rode to some archaeological structures that established the importance of this city; earlier the capital of Siam. A sleeping Buddha and other artifacts adorned the area and a winding road lets you view them all as you drive. Ofcourse, our guide-Mr. Wes explained everything and took us to a vantage point parking lot.

We continued to our destination. It was hot. The road maintained its quality and that was a saving grace.

A short fuel and food stop arrived, which didn’t do much to drive the heat away. I gorged on pineapple and rock melon. It felt better than any other typical breakfast.

We road 150km to lunch. I could see all riders doing bike excercises, which meant they were getting drowsy. So was I. But the guide knew what he was doing and pulled us on. Deriving strength from each other, we kept riding.

At lunch we found out we were riding in 40centi. That made it hotter. I had a nice noodle and vegetable soupy dish and selected a stone slab and napped. So did all. I could see they were becoming energy conscious. One of them starting pouring water over herself, just before the ride resumed!

Another short break by the main road and the guide addressed us. In a soft dramatic tone, he said now the mountains will start so he will drive behind us. He asked us to use our GPS to get to the hotel. Sounded ominous. A space launch. Some excitement.

Signs of South Asia friendship treaties flashed past on the signboard overhead.

It was a nice road, though under construction and widening. But good traffic systems. Police checkpoints appeared, as we approached the border.

All of us split up in smaller groups. I was with Suzuki. We were all just a few turns away and almost reached together.

Mr Wes reached before us, though I didn’t see him pulling ahead. He checked us in and asked us to prepare to enter Myanmar tomorrow. Wow- This really sounded like a takeoff- countdown.

The sink in my toilet is great for washing.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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