37 Butterworth

At 6am, the light outside woke me up and I got out of bed to gaze at the ocean view from my window. It was a clear view across space and thoroughly refreshing. The extreme heat on the ride yesterday, in spite of a cloud cover, left me feverish. Pumping Plan-B meds, prescribed by my wife, I tried to scare the fever away. The view helped more. I went out of my room, in the 3 room apartment to find signs of life and the clues all over the common living room told me the party had shifted home! Well, fun is fun I guess. I went to shower.

All dressed and ready to rock n roll, the bikers met downstairs and started saddling up. This is a traditional procedure, where everyone checks everyone’s bike and conduct all kinds of mystical discussion, from fantasy to fiction. Sometimes about biking too. All clubs are the same and I missed my friends at www.bisonsridehard.com I wonder how did they spend the past few months. Where did they ride to.

Bob from Santana, woke me up from my reverie and told me the ride plan. We would all ride out to Putrjaya; to the Prime Minister’s residence and take the last group picture. After this, they and others would head back to Kuala Lumpur and Dhanraj a Santana rider who stayed in Butterworth-Penang mainland, would ride with me.

The Road Marshalls led us into the highway and we roared, with music being played out of Bob’s Harley music system. A collection of Shammi Kapoor songs! The other car drivers obeyed the Marshall and let us get ahead. It felt nice. Privileged!

The Prime Minister’s residence and the mosque area was a great tourist spot and busloads began to disembark to take pretty pictures. So we all assembled into a group pose and against the magnificent structure, recorded our last moment together. I gave a thank you talk. We hugged each other. We parted.

Dhanraj swung his Kawasaki onto the highway and I followed him. The speed limit on the highway was 110kmph. You can imagine what kmph we must have been doing. My fuel was getting consumed at twice the speed!

Lunch was at a KFC. Without the Road Marshalls, without the siren blaring, the car drivers, still gave way to the bikers. A well mannered country.

The sun grew stronger and we made frequent water halts. Asian heat takes time getting used to. This I had:time. We reached Butterworth by 5.30pm and Dhanraj took me to his Country Club and I checked into a cute club room on a sprawling estate.

A quick dinner with Dhanraj and his wife, at a delicious Malaysian buffet curry cafe, was followed by extraordinary chrysanthemum tea.

I saw fruits being sold on the roadside and we stopped to buy some. One papaya, two mangoes, some local lychee type and gorgeous looking bananas. I was happy.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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