38: Port Dickson

We got flagged off in a most Royal way at 7T9, the Lounge owned by Amar and his wife Seetal. Thirty bikers showed up at 8 in the morning for breakfast and to ride along for the day. A few actors got onto bikes and into cars to accompany. Four marshalls were in attendance to clear a path through. Sirens blaring, excitement at an extreme high, we left at 9.30, flagged off by Amar and his wife.
For the first time in my life, I never stopped at a red signal. The Marshalls were in full control of the ride and our entourage had the first right of way. The first picture opportunity was at the War Memorial, a sombre moment. We paid our respects and got onto the highway.

It was a lovely day in Malaysia. An early morning rain had cooled the road and a cloud cover stayed with us all the way through.

The National Highway is pretty good, as comparable with USA or Europe. Well marked and controlled by signs and information, the quality of the tarmac permitted bursts to 140kmph. Life is good!

The bikes were mostly Harley, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki and some choppers. All superbikes. All roaring on full throttle. Riders were dressed in Club finery. The Santana Bikerz is a very well known organisation and is home to the bike culture in Malaysia, with chapters in many cities.

I rode with the finest. Malaysia made me comfortable. I have been here for three weeks now. That’s a long time.

My bike took two weeks to ship and exit customs at Kuala Lumpur. Could have been faster, but some goofups, gave me the opportunity to discover Kuala Lumpur before Sunbeam got here.

Staying at Bukit Bintang: The Rainforest, a delightful BnB, I enjoyed the night life at Changkat and other areas. My Indian friend Sonia Panshi was related to Amar, who became my sponsor, most graciously.

We did a Press Conference at his Bollywood Lounge: 7T9. That’s 79! Actors rolled in and I became an honorary member of their acting association. The bikers club Santana, showed up and after that most everyday was a high throttle party at the lounge or other eating joints. Everyone connected with my activity took me out to a different eating place. An endless list. I attended a bikeweek festival and met lots of clubs. My network grew and clubs started calling on me for dinners. How could I say no!

Getting a date to enter Moreh town in Manipur-India, I planned my return to my Republic.

It would be on 24th March, evening.

The Indian Garuda Bikers invited me to speak of my experiences on my ride. It was a lovely evening attended by many clubs

Malaysia has an abundance of Gurudwara’s and when I expressed my desire to visit one, everyone planned two and so we started.

Post flag off and war memorial, we halted at the most Holy Mantin Gurudwara. Quiet, peaceful and serene its silence was as loud as a superbike roar. We paid our respects and sat for some time here. There is a Holy Well here, that has mystical powers.

Moving on, we reached the Port Dickson Gurudwara and had langar. Most delicious. Chef Kamal, had sponsored all on this ride and arranged apartments for us to stay in.

The evening revelries started at the prestigious Yacht Club and continued long after I went to sleep.



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    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
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