Bike on a Hike: The Book

We are in our 50’s. Married, healthy and monosyllabic. We kept wondering what the conversation would sound like when we are in our 70’s. The kids have their own thing going on and we have asked them to NOT connect with us, rather, get on with their own lives. Additionally, we have retired before life retires us. Which means that we can enjoy this phase physically. We no longer live in a cubicle. So what do we do? She is a housewife and a painter. I am an ex-business man turned part time actor and budding charcoal artist. It’s not that we have nothing to do. It’s just that we have no time to realize that we have all the time. We are so busy.

So what do we do? We plan an action decibel that is cacophonic in principle. We raise the bar. We decided to shake ourselves up, physically, mentally and spiritually, to challenge the very breath of our existence. I bought a Royal Enfield 500CC motorcycle and named her BabyBlue. We took a motorcycle ride. 2UP on a solo bike, the both of us went from Mumbai to Lahaul Spiti and back. A 5022km round trip over 25 days. Riding through history, culture, geography, religion and spirituality, we saw a good slice of India and ourselves.

Bike on a Hike Book by Aditya Raj Kapoor

This book is an account of this wake-up call. Simply told-as it happens, with pretty pictures to validate the effort, this book is a call to people of all ages and streams of consciousness: Get up and get going! U2. Read it.

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