Checking out 

I just checked out of the Republic of India. More simply put, am in the Aeroflot Lounge, kind courtesy of the airline. When I got into Indigo at Mumbai to fly to Delhi, I noticed the notification signs above the seat. Please switch off electronic items and fasten your seatbelts. The smoking one had disappeared. Society had evolved to the next menace.

The flight was nice. Had a basil and tomato sandwich. A shuttle took me to the international side. T3 is a lovely airport and seems to be winning awards all the time. The staff at the info are extremely helpful. I had a long wait. I was advised to be here early, just in case…so I slogged at T3 from 2pm onwards till now. My bike arrived earlier and I hope is on my flight. I guess all will sort out. 

And now, Quest demands I put some thoughts down. But I am tired. Too tired to emote and think that I am now out for the next 300 days. After 8 hours from now, I will be in Russia! Foreign soil. It’s different this time. This not just a Eurail adventure. 

Well. That’s that. 

God bless India

Stay with FuseBox!


  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Great! All the best. Keep posting…

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