Entering Europe

….was a delight. The Latvia border people were helpful and courteous. I got my European bike insurance at the border and a  a new SIM card at a petrol pump. I was set.

I rode through into Ludja, a water colour town. Cobbled streets and small lanes. A quaint church and castle on the hilltop to complete the European qualification. A policeman caught me as I entered a no entry road. I apologised and explained my tiredness and my journey and forward plan. Ofcourse, I presented my documents as well. After evaluating my presentation, he most courteously let me off. Then, on behalf of Latvia, he welcomed me. Nice.

I rode into a small hotel and checked into simple European comforts. A brisk walk around town took all of thirty minutes and this I did. There were few tourists and I could see the people walking purposefully. No doubt to get to home and dinner. I did too.  Salad and soup with home-made fries was my first dinner. I left this beautiful country the next day. 

The highway was in excellent shape as I rode onwards to Birzia, in Lithuania. My friend Lena Vaz Henriques had a friend here, Dovi, who was going to host my stay. The first day, as I rode in and she parked my bike in a neighbor’s garage; she took me to  to a boat club. We did water peddling it was fun. Like standing up and rowing a canoe. Thankfully, I didn’t fall into the lake. The next day I met her parents and her father took me to a motorcycling event that was coincidentally on the same day! Two hundred superbikes roared together to do a charity rally and we saw the flagoff. I got introduced to some bikers and they were mighty impressed that I was on a RTW from India. This event was made for me. 

The next day again luckily, there was a cultural festival and I saw a vintage car exhibition and Market Day. We ate dinner at a lovely cafe  and had the national dish: the famous Pink Soup. The next day an excellent home cooked meal by Dovi was my send-off to Poland. 

I got a message from my FB friend Niranjan, a great Indian biker and now biking in  Europe that I should visit Gdansk. I did and in two days from Dovi I rode through the port town and after parking my bike at an Airbnb at Mosty with Adele, I walked to a pier on the Baltic Sea. It was evening and the sun set as I walked in. Very special! Gdansk shall always be special for me, as it was unplanned. I realised my adaptability and route changing capabilities as I went to Gdansk. I felt I was dreaming. To do what I want and when I want. In Europe? Someone up there likes me. (It’s the name of a Paul Newman movie-see it) 

My son sent me a text: Don’t forget Auschwitz.


  1. Bhavana doshi

    Aditya you are very lucky to do what you doing. Not many people achieve this. Very proud to have you and Priti as my friend. Must meet up and you must regale us with your experiences.
    Best of luck for coming journey

    1. Thanks…we will come over.

  2. Mayur bohra

    Beauty sir ,

    I am sure one day i also will be on such a ride

    Expecting guidance from u sir that time

    1. Thanks…sure…

    2. Good luck…plan ahead..

  3. Naishadh Vyas

    Great! Best wishes.

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