Mazel Tov!

My dear young Krutyaev,


It was wonderful to stay in your house and meet your most amazing family. Parents, grand parents, two dogs and one cat. If I missed something living, I apologize. I connected with your handsome father about eight months ago on Facebook and told him about my motorcycle journey. Most graciously, he welcomed me to stay with all of the above. You have a lovely house. Warm colors and full of spiritual energy. Your grandparents welcomed me as I came in. Both are lovely people and your grandaddy is a poet!

 Your mother put some hot food on the table, as I arrived and this I finished in record speed. It was delicious. After all home food is always welcome to a traveller. The dogs were next to me, maybe I was occupying their space. I slept on the first floor in the computer room. It was a cozy bed. I slept very very well. Almost 10 hours! Your dad took the day off from work and took me for getting new tube tyres and since he is a biker himself, he knew all about it. He even washed my bike with a high powered spray. My bike thanked him. Her name is Sunbeam and her parents are from England. Your dad has a super Yamaha.

After the tech work, we came back for lunch and then with your mother, we three went to the center of Yekaterinburg and walked a lot. 

We climbed up A 52 floor high-rise and saw your most beautiful city. It was a lovely experience with the golden sun glow falling on the landscape. I took some lovely pictures of your parents and shall show you when we meet.

After this, we went to a city center park with the musical fountains. It was cool and lovely. We walked around and had dinner nearby. 

The next day your mom had to go for her check up to look you up. Your dad showed me the directions to the Shosse and I was on my way. Your Grandaddy gave me a collection of his poetry. 

Your mummy is an amazing lady with her hands. She makes clothes and garments. She presented me with a lovely leather wristband. Very kind of her. And she knows a lot about Indian spirituality. But then there is so much peace and goodwill in your house. It was like living in a real world temple. It was by chance that I discovered your mother was Jewish! So you have a mix of two great cultures. Russian and Hebrew. You are lucky. Life will not be boring. Of course, I forgot, your elder brother was on a holiday, so I couldn’t meet him. I saw his picture. Good looking! 

When you get to read this letter, do remember that you are special and have a warm and spiritual environment that waits for you.

Use it well.

My love and blessings

Do Svidaniya



  1. Moha

    Mazel Tov!

    I’m Just in complete awe! BholeBaba Ki Jai!

  2. Naishadh Vyas

    Keep posting. we love reading.

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