Saddling for a Quest

Friends, tomorrow noon, I flagoff at a family ceremony. Wednesday, I fly to Moscow, enroute to Vladivostok. I started the day by trying on my gear on a short ride with Pradeep Gidwani  my biking friend.  It was very comfortable.  Nothing like professional gear. Ofcourse the heat tested my patience and grit. Back home, I got into final and final packing. Lots of stuff. Long time. Difficult to differentiate between short term and long term here. Seems like I am being sent to a Boarding School again. Clothes packed in a trunk and loaded in the Frontier Mail and off to Sanawar in Simla.  Packing has its own priority stowing. LIFO, or FIFO, or any strategies that work. I have to remember, I have to lug it from the bike to the night halt. Myself. That’s 40kilo + waist pouch, helmet and fatigue, all in full gear. I’m sure it will be fun. No way out. I asked for this and have been planning for over one year. Got to do this. Just a bit overwhelmed. I’ve been moving all my life. And this is the Mother of all movements! Come to think of it, maybe I should just read Jules Verne: Around the world in 80 days and imagine myself doing it. Too late. Got to do this. Got to know why I am here, on Planet Earth. What’s my purpose. When will I end. What will I end. Is this a transition?  No idea. Just that, I go to do this. From tomorrow IST noon, I will abide by GMT for all calculations and connectivities. My website, where I have written this, uploads onto Social-media directly. I may not interact on FB, or elsewhere, except noting the comments and chats on my post. I have disconnected my mobile and shall be on WiFi WhatsApp, mostly to connect logistics. Not to chat. My website will plot my whereabouts from now on. I will diariase. I love you! 


  1. Cheryl & Neil

    Bon Voyage.
    We will be thinking of you and watching your progress.
    See you in England!!

    1. Thanks see u hope all good!

  2. Tulsi

    It’s finally happening! So proud of you, Dad. Keep the pictures coming! Tally ho!

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