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FuseBox says: Getting things right is difficult and easy. It just depends on the way it’s addressed. So, I am now at Cargo stage and booking the bike from Mumbai to Delhi to Moscow to Vladivostok. Hopefully, we leave on the 8th of June from India – Delhi. I am trying to get transit customs clearance at Moscow SVO (that’s the airport) so that the bike moves smoothly to VVO-thats Vladivostok. Still, I am told there will be a simple check of half a day only after which can I book forward from Moscow to Vladivostok. This is for the bike and me. So I have to move my paperwork myself as I am the holder of the ATA Carnet. That’s the passport of the bike, which ensures that she moves seamlessly across countries without paying duties and deposits. I will have to manage my personal luggage and the paperwork at Moscow airport from 0630 hours onwards on 8th morning. That’s after flying for some eight hours. That’s the scenario I am looking at now and trying to visualise it’s ease or difficulties. Ofcourse, I will be helped by all kinds of agencies, still it will a personal effort. I have the airport website in front of me and am trying to get a layout in my mind. I have adequate support in India from agencies and airlines, who are ensuring that all goes smoothly. Still, it’s a daunting task and all of this is before I start riding. I guess it will be simpler once I start. Then it’s just looking for stops and starts.  This is from a WordPress mobile app into my website. Trying to start diarising from the mobile, rather than open the Comp. Having some tea now. More later.


  1. Moha

    All the best to you! It will fall in step once you start…

  2. Naishadh Vyas

    Best wishes

  3. Jasmin

    People who dream of perusing their hobby are many, but the ones like you who effort to fulfill their dreams are achievers. Have a great journey.

    1. Thanks….how sweet!

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