The Van Godd Villa

The host - Sanjiv T Lal

Village legend lists it 250 years old. Now brought back to life with all modern fixtures, as an AirBnB product. This  Portuguese mansion is a must visit!


  1. Mani

    Location of the villa and is it available for rental

    1. Mani,

      Am sorry for the very long delay in reply to your query…
      I could consider the rental of the villa, depending on the time of the year and other factors, specifically whether I will be at Goa at that time or not etc..

      Best wishes,
      Sanjiv T Lall

      1. No worries, I have replied even later….

  2. Wendy

    Would you please kindly inform me what the rental price ( per month ) will be for a LONG TERM LET
    Many thanks

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