Why Do I Ride?

Lord Fusebox at Khardungla

The first kick in the womb must have been a bike starter kick. And man has never looked back thereafter. Neither did I.

Having zero access to vehicles, till I bought my 4WD Gypsy, I learnt mobility the rough way. There was nothing ‘saloon model’ about my life. These were career cars. Meant to last a long time and very solid looking. Then came a 4WD Jeep, so on so forth. Dubai provided a saloon model Mitsubishi and all the bells and whistles.

I missed the toughness, the brawn, the hair on the chest.

And then one day, I opted out of the race to survive according to social norms and ‘retired’. I resumed my 4WD life, by buying a Royal Enfield 500CC. A Bullet. The early days make up the content of a hearty comedy movie and I learnt biking with the help of a Club: Bisons Ride Hard. Friendly, cavemen type, rough and tough bikers, of all ages, highly skilled on one and two wheels, they put me through my paces. I learnt to respect the ride. This meant all things that came in my way.


Every few weeks we went on a Club Ride, around Maharashtra and then to Shillong. I earned my Club Badge and my call sign: Lord Fusebox. This name was given by Samarth, a Bison, because I had 6 fuse breakdowns on that first days’ ride with them. The name removed my personal identity and I became one of the brotherhood. This was all of 2012 through 2014. My wife pillioned on a trip to Himachal and back. This became a book: Bike on a Hike. I went on a 12800km and 73 day trip, all over India, Bhutan and Nepal, with my club rider: Deepak, aka: Sir Magic eye. This trip was a monumental effort, in that it took me to the common road and not just the expressways and kept me there, until I learnt and completed my riding lessons. Humility and patience were ahead of technology. I learnt that I knew neither. So I got on one knee to change the rear tyre. It was one ride after the other. Every few months I would set off. With someone or alone. When we shifted to Goa, so did my bike: BabyBlue. Riding, provided the best way to feel the breeze on   the scenery and touch God. For now, there was no barrier, no enclosure in between. Just me and my oncoming destiny, which dictated that if I did good, I got good. No social chatter. Nothing to focus on besides the road and its attributes. A meditation high. You lose it, you die. You stay focused and you see your past and all that brought you here. You   appreciate and stay humble.

I upped my game and bought a Triumph Bonneville:865CC. She is my Sunbeam and I am now in practice for my next ride.

With the glorious Sunbeam
With the glorious Sunbeam

This will be the Mother of all Rides.

Starts on 1st April, 2017.

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