16: Santiniketan

This story starts with the Bolpur Riders Club, a very young and energetic collection of two wheels that think and do alike. They zoomed past me one hour away from Santiniketan. Spotting me, they turned around and surrounded me, riding on all sides. They were coming from Santiniketan to pick me up. I was hoping they were the right people and when I saw them lift the visor and smile as only a biker could, I was easier. They took me to Santiniketan.

The road from Malda forward was good, though traffic was not good. Crossing the Farakka bridge was difficult but it gave me my IST look of the Holy Ganga. A four lane came up and things became more comfortable.

Lunch was at a dhaba. Omelette and chapattis with mishti doi. Delicious.

While the morning was cool, soon the sun came out to check on everybody and that took the day to a new level.

I stopped for an ice-cream. Everyone was staring at me as I got down from the bike, took out my helmet, gloves and they followed me to the ice-cream stick.

I left the four-lane to get to Santiniketan and that became challenging. The heat improved to new heights. Road jams helped to make things worse. In all of this the bikers were a welcome sight. Docking my bike, they immediately took me to the Santiniketan campus and musuem. This was my first real glimpse at Rabindranath Tagore. I was overwhelmed by the canvas this man painted on. People. The entire area is maintained by the Central government and very well too.

The bikers took me to a bard who sang songs at a restaurant and that was simply lovely. Simplicity and music on display.

We wound up the evening with a lovely dinner and more pictures.

I’m off to sleep.



  1. Pritidevi Kapoor

    Want to go to Shantiniketan…to study…

    1. Subham mondal

      Oh really….. Plz come…. 💝

  2. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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