Wednesday, 24th May, 2017


I am in the offices of and the Founder, my friend Vineet, also known as Signals (the Military Division-not traffic signal) as in Bike parlance, has commenced the procedure of handing over the management of my website. This is where i start to use my own brains and Vineet gets more time to manage his own Company. Thank you Vineet and Deepak and all the cool guys at  This is my Ist diary posting.

I am truly excited. To be able to reach out to all with the stroke of a click. So whats happening? My last Visa has just rolled in and I am now starting to book my ticket. I have to get to VVO-Vladivostok and thats where i put Sunbeam on the ground to start the RTW, my Quest. Still looking at MUM-DEL-DME(Moscow) -VVO versus the South Korean route. Should solve it in 48 hours. People are helping me. Packing is done and all sundry purchased. Sunbeam will move into diagnostics (commonly called servicing), next week beginning under Triumph Supervision, after which will be a Flag-Off moment. After that moment, i will handover Sunbeam to the cargo people, who will take it to VVO. I have done my vaccinations and taken all medic letters. All travel docs are photocopied and some are plasticated. Its a lot of work. Vineet is calling me and so i quit here, We are in MIDC-Andheri now in a cool airconditioned, office and getting the website map and stuff put on, so that you all can track me. Will start this map in India, so I get to know how it operates. This diary, may have spelling errors and typos and other ooops. do ignore them, dont ignore me, I will look forward to your responses in the COMMENTS section, as below.



  1. All the best Aditya.. will look forward to your updates and track your ride. 🙂

    1. thanx for ur wishes and all the help!!!!

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