33: Chumphon

It’s 7am and the Magnificent 5+1 are standing against their bikes. David and Beverly from Australia on a Honda, another David from New Zealand on a Triumph Thruxton, Heather from California on a DRZ400-Suzuki, Bondi from New Zealand on a BMW and me. It was a bit early for social trivialities, so we simply roared out of Malaysia.

Fifteen minutes into the ride and Malaysia presented its emigration department. We did our Carnet and passport and exited a country where I had a lovely time.
Thank you Malaysia.

At the Thailand side, we parked our bikes and our agent, Mr. Wes from Asia Senses found us. A thoroughly experienced guide, he took us through Thai formalities like a walk in the park. Ofcourse all the preparations were completed a few weeks ago, by the Head Office under the supervision of MinMin. Exiting, we immediately stopped for three activities: currency, a simcard and a cup of tea. This was all stage managed so well. I was delighted to have someone take care of me like this.

Completing all, we left for Chumphon, about 500 and some km away. Look at the way I am writing this. I wasn’t even counting now, or planning, nor did I have my navigator on. Our guide was in a large van and we would follow him to India! This is due to the Country specifications. It suited me totally.

It was extremely hot. The roads were good, the traffic more than Malaysia, almost like Indonesia. Systematic. The van led. Heather followed, Australasia in between and I took the tail.

There were three halts, for fuel, food and toilet. All at a fuel pump, that was part of a very large food court activity. It was lovely. Mr. Wes kept tabs on all of us as we scattered all over.

There was very little shade. But everyone was so excited. They were just beginning there trip to Europe and I was completing mine.

Crossroads of life.

The van kept a good pace. Everyone rode in a single file behind the van. I kept a watchout for stragglers and waited for them to catch up. Once i got lost in the traffic and Australia waited. So helping each other, we reached before 6pm. I got a nickname from David: Papa Bear!

We reached the ATE Hotel. Very nice. Someone took our luggage. I got to my room and immediately sank into a lovely bed and had a cup of tea. The evening is about to begin. I’m going to shower and join them.

So good evening and goodnight!


  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing the tour diary. Lots of love.

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