Valentin of Artem

He is a Motocross champion and his young daughter has already started to learn how to bike. Valentin teaches his art to potential champions and also works at 

Gazprom. Referred by the Chairman of the Motorcycle Federation of Russia to help me, Valentin came to Cargo with his wife and daughter to help. Ofcourse we were early and he took me to his house in Artem to breakfast. His gracious mother welcomed me with some porridge stuff that was delicious. His wife put a three egg combo with coffee in front of me and I stopped talking! They have their own Banya-Sauna. A kitchen garden and a big German Shepherd. 

At the airport, we were done with the paperwork  in exactly ten minutes. The cargo took ten minutes to be forklifted out. We opened the crate in ten minutes and left immediately. I was exhilarated. I requested him to show me how to fill fuel and he took me to tank up at 40Ru a litre. Nice. He took me to a race track to meet his friends and then escorted me back to my Airbnb Dom. It was a wonderful beginning. 


  1. Pritidevi Kapoor

    Great job! Thanks Valentin and family!

  2. Moha

    Great beginning! 😊

  3. Naishadh Vyas

    keep sharing your day to day experience. I enjoy reading the same.

  4. Jasmin

    Wonderful, start!

  5. Abdul

    Good start. All the best for your journey ahead…

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    1. Ok… thanks

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