21: Guwahati

The road kept improving. That’s a consolation. The weather was cool. Another consolation. Crossing Kaziranga was fantastic! The icing on the cake. We saw eight rhinos grazing. This was exciting.

The bad roads and experience was behind us and we got our cheer back. A fuse on my bike troubled me and David helped me fixed it. Ofcourse, Triumph worldwide heard my plea for support and responded with lightning speed. I guess the bumps on the road were more than what we had bargained for.

The Rhino Bikers met us 20 km out of Guwahati at a predesignated meeting point. Now the road was concrete and loveable.

A quick cup of tea and we entered Guwahati. Getting closer to home! We were staying with Me. Chanda and family, a school-owner and his wife, a teacher. A wonderful host, he regaled us with his biking tales. Some bikers came over to join us in merrymaking.

Today was a better day for all of us.

Dinner was simply delicious. This was followed by an Indian sweet called: kalakand. It was super.

Post dinner we relaxed a bit. Tomorrow would be a better day.



  1. Naishadh Vyas

    Thanks a lot for sharing tour diary.
    Lots of love.

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